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Aquarobics is a water-based exercise that offers resistance training using the water instead of typical hand weights. This low-impact exercise can help improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and flexibility. Taught by Merle Sauer. For this class, you will need one set of aquatic dumbbells and a swimming kickboard.

Aerobic Circuit 

Aerobic Circuit with fitness instructor Merle Sauer. Aerobic Circuit combines cardio exercise and strength training into one workout and offers the best improvements for your overall fitness.

Tighten and Tone

Tighten and Tone class with fitness instructor Maria Hardesty. Tighten and tone is a full body workout, utilizing our body resistance and weights to sculpt and tone the body. This fun, dynamic movement workout encompasses core, balance, and muscle activation.

Stretch and Balance

Stretch and Balance with fitness instructor Merle Sauer. Stretching is a physical exercise that requires movement into certain positions that will serve to lengthen and elongate muscles or groups of muscles and enhance flexibility and elasticity. This will improve balance and coordination. Chairs will be utilized.


Yogalates with fitness instructor Merle Sauer. Yogalates starts with traditional yoga warmups and gradually transitions into movement almost the pace of Pilates.
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